2.41 Release Notes - Official Discussion Thread

If you haven’t seen it already, you can check out the update notes here!

Please discuss the new update below!

So that seemed to work for a couple of days… Now what?

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Why havent the bugs that prevent players from progress in the game been addressed?? I have completed the quest in the beginning of Snowtown, but because of bugs to prevent quest completion im unable to unlock any of the the clouded areas. Hence, i am unable to move on in the game. I have spent a good amount of money playing thus far and enjoy the game, so i dont want to abandon it. Yet, i am getting annoyed and bored by just making food and harvesting. Please before you start introducing new things, fix the existing bugs and problems, especially the ones preventing progress in gameplay. You will lose a lot of players with these problems. And i wont be spending anymore money on a game i cant progress on. Why would i??? Please, please fix the quest completion problems!!!

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