2 Quests Stuck!

I’ve made it to Moonlight Grove, however, I still have two earlier quests incomplete and I can’t figure them out.
A place to relax:- repair fire pit with sauteed greens.
Treasure Hunt:- aquire 3 map pieces.
Any help appreciated!

That’s great! Just curious….what level are you?

I have both of those quest bugs. One, the treasure map quest, has actually been completed. The fire pit does not exist, so it can’t be completed.

Hi Vickie,

I’m on level 760. How about you?

Hi MissAnita,
Ahhh, ok! I’ve been turning myself inside out trying to figure out what I missed or did wrong lol

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I’m currently sitting at 1534


Hi everyone
Since every Is at pretty high levels, I was just wondering if any of you had a problem being stuck in Roasted Ranch? I completed everything there and it’s empty but I am unable to move in. The train just sits and the new area is not unlocked?


For a while, I was stuck because I forgot to do the task by the train tracks, but I did manage to get off the ranch.

Which task? I can’t seem to figure it out? Here’s what I have?


Yes, your task by the train is done. I take it you found the bridge and repaired it. Looks like your fences are done, too. Hmm, that’s weird. Is there anyone else to feed? I take it, you got your truck, eh? I was comparing mine to your pic; from what I see, you haven’t missed anything.

OK thank you for taking a look at it. Yes I’ve been speaking with somebody else who is kind of stuck on it as well and I just didn’t know if I was missing anything. I’ve submitted two tickets but I’m not having any luck so I was hoping to get some answers.


I am stuck also submitted tickets and they said to wait they are working on it