Adventure Chef 2.41 release notes!

The new release of 2.41 is now live with some new exciting features added. Check out the changes and additions below!


  • Daily Calendar Bonus
    • Collect bonus items each day you log into the game!
    • Each Calendar runs for 28 days and has extra bonuses on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th day.
    • Missing a day won’t reset your progress on the Calendar but you’ll want to sign in for the full 28 days of the Calendar to get all the rewards.
  • Happy Hour and Daily Specials now added in place of Merge Mania
    • Happy Hour will provide bonuses to Dishes that include featured Ingredients in the Happy Hour
    • Daily Special will have a rotating theme with 4 featured ingredients. Featured Dishes will have bonus to rewards
  • New Energy Coil mergeable item that increases your max energy and energy recharge rate!
    • Earn by participating in the Daily Special events and merge together to achieve new peak energy!

Bug Fixes

  • General performance improvements to gameplay and when visiting Expeditions for the first time
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