Adventure Chef 2.71 Release Notes

Hello Chefs!

The new version 2.70 is now live. Head on over to the App Store or the Play Store to download it now. In this update we’ve got some new features that’ll give some great rewards, and some features that should provide some quality of life improvements.

Check out the notes on what to expect below!


  • Work with fellow chefs on new Weekly Challenges!
    • Be sure to join a Team to participate in Weekly Challenges
  • Play in a special Adventure the weekend of 6/18 and another the weekend of 7/2!
    • More details to come as the date gets closer
  • Trees and Bushes in your farm now upgrade to go into Orchards, saving you space!
  • Try your hand at new Cooking Challenges for great prizes!

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Made Hazelnuts plantable in the farm plots after you receive your first Hazelnut
    • This should help players finding that they need more Hazelnuts to progress in the Moonlight Forest

Discuss the Changes Below!


After update version 2.71 they say all bugs are fixed but still the game have all the bugs i dont know what’s going on with you guys? THE GAME STILL HAVE ALL THE BUGS AFTER LAST UPDATE

I am a happy camper! I’ve planted some hazelnuts. I hope that as I can make new dishes, new areas will open up in Moonlight Grove. I see there’s a new area to explore in the home area. Not sure what I need to open it, but I’m excited! I’m not sure how teams work, so we’ll see how that turns out. I may form my own club, we’ll see.


I cannot get the game to open at all since I installed the update yesterday. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it just won’t open.

Hello Mashal, so sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with the new update! Can you please tell me more about the issue you’re having? We’d also appreciate it if you can reach out to our Support so we can investigate this further. You can always contact our Support through this link: Thank you!

Hi there
I have explained many times the same problem I’m repeating it several times that I’m stuck on Roasted Ranch I have finished everything and can’t move to Lemon Isle it has been almost two months I have this problem I contacted in game help center they don’t even reply


I think the orchards produce less than three of its pre merge trees. Anyone else seeing that? One example…. My 8 lemon trees in the orchard produced less than the 3 full grown lemon trees I left in lemon isle.


There is no option to update my app in the playstore. I uninstalled the game and re-download it still hasnt updated to the new version. Therefore I’ve missed out on the event and still no option to plant hazelnuts.

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No update. Missed the event completely. STILL STUCK with no progress in moonlight. No update no option to grow hazelnuts.

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We do reach out. We give ALL necessary information each and every single time. Resulting in NO SOLUTIONS!


I am also having issues. Stuck on the roasted ranch. My reputation has not improved at all. I have cleared everything in every level. Except for the pro unlocks.
Roasted ranch on the map says trade but no one is there to trade with.
I also cant unlock the pond in the jungle level.
Also have the quests ‘a taste of wine’, ‘bush safety’, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘end of the bayou’, ‘forest edge’, ‘some fancy dirt’, ‘fire in the hole’, and ‘a fancy dish’ open but unable to complete.
Is it just because im not pro level yet? But im level 356 senior chef… what gives? I have the latest version 2.71 [7a8f1]

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Someone said something about a trick to increase reputation when there’s no one to serve in the expedition. Serve people at home what they want, the dishes with the exclamation mark. Your reputation on the expedition will slowly increase and you can open the next spots.

Well im stuck unable to actually update to 2.71

And just thanked for informing them and theyre working on it.

3 weeks later. Same probably never fixed. :roll_eyes:

Checking to see if there’s an update. I am currently stuck in Roasted Ranch. Alot of my missions are still showing as incomplete. This has been 2 months and is frustrating!!!