Adventure Chef Version 2.80 Release Notes

This release we’ve got a major feature added to Teams, Chat! Now you can coordinate with your Team members on Weekly Challenges, or just share some fun food facts with each other. See below for changes in the update!


  • Added chat functionality to Teams
    • Chat with your fellow Chefs on your Team now!
  • Adding support for future merge bonuses and marketplace tweaks. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed bugs and improved performance!

Discuss the new changes below!

What bugs were fixed, please?

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Thanks for fixing the Moonlight Grove issue!

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Ok, I see you’ve found another way to separate us from our gems. Why not use coins to get another item to merge?

Will it be possible to add quests to the cooking club? We always exceed our goals. We’re waiting around with nothing to do for two more days, so we’re just serving up folks.

From the Moonlight Grove storyline, there’s another place that may appear in our expeditions. I hope so, but I hope y’all test it all out before you launch it.

I hope other bugs that’s keeping people stuck in places has been resolved.

I’m bored now, so I hope there’s more to do in the future.


There’s a bug in the chat feature. You have to type your message twice before it will appear in chat. Please, no silly questions. I tapped done when I was finished, checked that the message didn’t appear, then, retyped it, then it appeared.


The amount of balloon/parachutes spawning is totally ridiculous. It’s creating lag and making the game unplayable. Maybe make them only pop up for end merge items or those that are less common? Having a pop up for an additional single carrot is insanity.


Yes, all those balloons are utterly ridiculous! If only they’d float away like the balloons for trophies, that’d be ok. They just stay and clutter the screen. Devs need to address this because folks will end up accidentally spending gems.

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was excited to have an update release, but STILL stuck at roasted ranch. this is so disheartening.

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