All Ideas and wishes for this game

-More plots
-Grow times for plots
-Cooking times
-More ingredients when harvesting plots
-Seedlings for all things. Wheat, Honey, Eggplant, Watermelon, Mangos, Corn, Green Onions, etc.
-the orchard doesnt give as many ingredients as the individual crops did. It should give WAY MORE
-the lack of ingredients able to harvest and the time it takes to grow from only 2 plots make it impossible to cook all the different dishes, if it produced more then that would increase gam3 time we’d spend here
-increase the candy pieces awarded easier and faster. (I get hammers like crazy… wish candy would drop that frequently…what is the purpose of hammers after all things are upgraded??)
-storage more and allow us to delete in quantities not individually or by using the arrows
-allow us to move items to and from home individually or as selected
-move the balloons!
-setup a market place for us to buy and sale all items for self adjustable prices and it renew every few hours. Allow each individual a certain number of slots to sale
-daily gifts we can send to our teammates
-increase the variety of items & ingredients able to purchase for coins