Announcing Our Latest Adventure - Treasure Cove!

A Hidden Pirate Paradise?!

What’s this about pirates? Ted tells us of a ruckus going on at a secret pirate hideout nearby. We better go take a look at what’s going on!

Apparently Ted knows a weirdly large amount about pirates, even got an unknown source for all the information. There’s a secret pirate hideaway nearby called Treasure Cove. Maria, the founder of the pirate town, tells us they’re all having a major disagreement over who owns what treasure, who buried what, and it’s all just chaos.

Maria’s asking for our help with settling down and what better way to calm things down and get everyone working things out than with some delicious food!

The prep phase will start at 4/14 Thurs @ 11:00am PDT and end on 4/15 Fri @ 11:am PDT.

The Adventure will start on 4/15 Fri @ 11:am PDT and end on 4/18 Mon @ 11:00am PDT.

All Chefs must be Level 15 to visit Treasure Cove!

How the Adventure Works

Treasure Cove is even more vast and full of riches than we initially imagined! Here’s some information that should help with navigating the hideout.

Adventure Energy can be used to pick ingredients and reveal clouded areas!

*Please note that it is a different color from normal energy.
*Be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to buy Adventure Energy in the Market

Progress through the Adventure and unlock prizes by finding and merging different Adventure Point Balloons. You can find these scattered throughout the area and inside chests.

*The pink balloon can be collected immediately whereas the blue and green balloons will need to be merged to collect

Scattered across the map are different types of chests. Wooden Chests can be opened instantly without a key. You can take some time to pry open the Jade Chest and Stone Chest, or use a key to open them instantly (more details below on keys).

Each treasure chest contains different rewards, the order of rewards from most to least are: JadeStoneWood. Since they have different rewards, it’ll be important to decide which ones you want to open instantly with a key and which ones you want to spend time prying open.

Merge a Stone Key to be able to open a Stone Chest

Merge a Skeleton Key to be able to open any of the chests!

Chests will provide rewards that range from Adventure ingredients to a hammer, Adventure Point Balloons, and even gems!

Be sure to also merge recipes you unlock to help feed pirates in the hideout to learn more and discover what more is to be found on the island! You can do this at the Pirate Campfire.

Later in the Adventure you’ll unlock the Jewelry Stand and meet the questionably trustable pirate who will trade you for your treasure.

Rewards and Progression

There are lots of rewards to be earned from collecting the Adventure Balloons. You’ll find those scattered around the map and in chests. Be sure to open as many chests as you can to progress! There are many kinds of prizes you can earn ranging from ingredients to hammers and gems!

Don’t forget to feed the pirates! They’ll help with unlocking parts of the Adventure for you as well.

If you need information on how to unlock an area just tap on the stars and it will give you information on the requirements. We hope this will help you with better understanding how to play the Adventure!

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