Another game like this

There’s another game just like this one. Same characters, similar storyline. Was wondering if it’s from this company. Just curious.

What is the game? Just wondering if their are less bugs, heh…

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From what I’ve seen, there’s only one, support knows about it, explained exactly what it is, how to work around it and that it will be fixed by the next update.

They didn’t ask me for screenshots or information that I’d already provided. They actually referenced my screenshot and told me what to do. Using the workaround, I was able to produce the item.

Yeah, I imagine it’s bad form to speak of another game, but it’s so close to this one that I thought it’s from this company.

It’s called Adventure Chef Merge an Serve. Like I said before, I thought the game was from this company because it seems like a continuation of sorts.

I’ve just looked and I can’t find it. I’m on iphone

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I just took this screenshot. I have an iPhone.

I just searched for it, and it seems it only works on iPhone’s! so odd.

I don’t know about anyone else…I have downloaded this game… played for a couple of weeks… and then got stuck in an endless loop of update… when I tried to update it kept taking me to THIS game… even when I opened from the App Store. I ended up deleting it.

And just curious… I wonder when they kill the server if this game is going to go to.

All I know for sure is I’ve deleted them both now.

Best of luck to those hanging on til the end.

Same thing happened to me

Yeah, same thing happened to me, then, suddenly, I’m able to play. Kinda lost interest because there’s nothing left to explore.

I have iPhone and I can’t find it

Yeah, when I went to check last night, it was no longer there.

I wound up deleting both.