Anyone know how to resolve this?

Stuck at this point in moonlight grove. Anyone able to get past it and have any advice?

I have the very same thing going on. I wonder if it’s worth it to put in a support ticket?

You do it and let me know how it goes. I have put in too many support tickets lately and they don’t seem to give a crap a out mine anymore lol

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I put one in yesterday for this…. They are aware of the issue.

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Ya, sadly that doesn’t mean much as not a lot of issues seem to be resolved. I like the game but it is a bit disheartening.


I’m stuck in the same spot for 2 months now. Wish they would resolve the problem, as well as the issue with not being able to create dynamite as the game doesn’t recognize the ingredients needed

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I put in a support ticket. We’ll see what happens. My suggestion would be that they test these things out before it’s rolled out. I get that these companies are small, but it would certainly cut down on frustration.

I got a response asking for my info, which I sent. I got a little upset because he asked for a screenshot that I’d already sent. I sent it again. Sometimes I wonder are these folks bots because how do you ask for something I’ve already sent? Either they’re robots or inept because they don’t pay attention to what you write to them.

I just hope they resolve this quickly because I got two super candies and was able to upgrade my Chocolate truck and serve that customer. Now, there’s literally nothing left for me to do, since I cleared everything out.

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Mine wont update. Missed the ren event and still unable to grow hazelnuts to go anywhere on moonlight. Supports response…

No solution. Just put off and thanked for making them aware. Ughf.

Same same. How many times do we have to repeated sceeenshit and tell them. It should all be linked into our accounts and stored in notes due to the high volume of support tickets I’m sure they receive.

We’re BEGGING to play this game. Ughfff.

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That’s the same guy who responded to me! When he asked for a screenshot after I sent him one, I gently told him off about it. He did acknowledge my frustration. Still, how many times must I hear that they’re talking to the team, they’re aware, etc?