Clay blocks

I just want to know how I can progress :frowning: I cant get any clay bricks so I cant move forward

I am in the same position. It’s really frustrating

the dynamite is offered by the Duchess when you give her her coffee, there is no need for a clay brick. Just serve each dish to each character in the level

I can’t get past lava mountain to the peach bit without making cement blocks. There is no clay to make the cement blocks. Not even able to make coffee yet sadly

Oh ok we’re not speaking of the same step… I can’t remember this level but I think it’s the same : you need to serve each dish to each character in the level to unlock some items

@Jasmigmat @Mecton @Sleake So sorry to hear you are blocked by clay. We recently released an update and we can now credit you with clay if you write into our support team.

You can access our support team in the app by going to Settings (in the upper right corner of your screen) and then tapping ‘My Support Tickets’ OR you can fill out a form here:

Be sure to use the email address you used to set up your account in Adventure Chef

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I asked for the clay bricks and received them (thank you!), but they did not register as useable items. I was told that the recipe for the bricks had changed during a recent update.

How can I score two new bricks?

Oh no! You’ll need to write back to Support again so they can credit you

They did before the last update ( I love AC’S customer support!), but the bricks didn’t work… maybe the bricks have updated now, too?

I’m in Moonlight Grove and and I have 3 bricks in storage. I need to make Spicy Dynamite but the game isn’t recognising the bricks I have. Any ideas?
Thank you!

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