Duchy of sandwich

How the do I unlock different reputations. Just can’t figure it out

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Great question! Harvesting bushes will increase your reputation.

I’m also stuck on Duchy of Sandwich. I’ve cleared every bush. There is nothing left to clear. It’s just sitting there empty, but offering me no way to increase my reputation to unlock the other areas on that level. No tasks, quests, trades, etc.

I figured it out on my own, so here’s the answer for anyone else having the same issue. Using the other food trucks, I made dishes that included eggplants and lettuce from that area, even though no customers had ordered them. Once the dishes were ready, my reputation immediately increased and the new areas unlocked. This seems to be a bug in the game that needs to be addressed. No customers were ordering the dishes, but I just took a chance and made them anyway.


Thanks . How many eggplant smoothies for example ? thanks

Or sautéed greens how many ? Thanks

I have harvested everything available and an still not able to move forward. It is now showing quests for harvesting eggplants and so on but I have harvested everything and nothing is showing up!