First super candy

I finally got my first super candy! Which is the best truck to upgrade? I was thinking chocolate truck because I use it all the time.

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I upgraded Chocolate and was happy about it. It requires more accessible ingredients

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Wow! Congrats on that. I’m still working on my super candy. <3

Good idea on that. <3

Same! It’s taking a long time :timer_clock:

It takes way too long, I’m halfway through the map and still don’t have one. I almost don’t even want to upgrade because I think it’ll be the only truck I ever upgrade!

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I got 2 supercandies and am working on the 3rd. I upgraded the bakery and the smoothie.

I think what truck you upgrade depends on where you are. I’m trying to get off of the Bayou, or at least, explore the remaining mist. I’m a senior chef and have explored and upgraded all I can, except storage.

If I upgrade the soul food truck, I can give the lady the level 2 fries she’s wanting, and get off of the Bayou.

Now, I’m up to 5 super candies. Upgraded the Bakery, Soup, Smoothie, Ice Cream and Soul Food trucks.

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Just got 2 more super candies. Now, 8 out of my 10 food trucks are at level 2. Now only have to upgrade the Ramen and Tea trucks.

With the latest area, Moonlight Grove, I’ve noticed that some of the quests require a couple of trucks to be upgraded to level 2, and I believe one recipe needs the Chocolate truck to be upgraded to level 3!
Guess I will need to work on getting some more sodas for upgrading…lol! :sweat_smile:

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Oohh, I didn’t realize that! All but two of my trucks have been upgraded to level 2. It’s hard to get the candy to upgrade, when there’s no new adventures or areas that work, and we shouldn’t have to buy stuff with real money.

And it’s hard to keep ice; it’s a constant thing and those smoothie recipes from Moonlight Grove require 5 ice cubes!

I wish they’d give us something to do until they fix it.

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That’s a total bummer…
Requiring trucks to upgraded but yet it takes forever to get the pieces. I’ll be stuck unqble to progress with that beinga requirment.:frowning:

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Danigirl007, it’s the candy you need to upgrade trucks. Pop bottle tops help you upgrade your farms, tables, jam, recycle and mill areas. The candy is hard to get unless you buy it, and I think they should figure out more ways we can get it because waiting on special events or finding it in areas that’s hard to explore, like Moonlight Grove, isn’t enough. Kinda not fair, anyway, since I bet most folks trucks are still at level one.

Whoa, I just saw that Millia the Wise, in Moonlight Grove, needs a drink that requires your Tea truck to be at level 2!

I had just managed to get 2 super candies and was going to save the and add another to upgrade my Chocolate truck to level 3. Since I want to continue on in Moonlight Grove, I just upgraded my Tea truck.

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What level you on? I’m on about 350 and. O where near even my second one to upgrade

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I’m on level 769. All but one of my trucks are level 2. I have one super candy left, but I’m going to wait. I’m almost to another super candy, so we’ll see.

I got two more super candies and with the one I had left, upgraded my Chocolate truck to level 3. Now, gotta upgrade my Ramen truck to level 2, then, start everything else on level 3.

What did you get for serving the level 3 dish in moonlight?

Not much. 200 coins. I was disappointed.

Oh dang, That is a bummer! I was hoping for a boatload of candies. I remember serving this type in one of the first levels and it was pouring candies.

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