Fix it already!

I dont know about you guys…
Totally over it.
I’m about ready to delete this game!!!
Stuck due to the obvious hazelnut issue!

Unable to progress in the game. No longer have places to explore or discover.
I have so much energy it’s ridiculous.

Can only farm my 2 plots and unable to really serve customers due to the stall and lack of resources.

Thia blowssss!!! :face_exhaling:

P.S. We the people DO NOT want a new event. We want the glitches & bugs to be fixed like yesterday!


Hello Kell337, so sorry for the issues you’ve been having with the Hazelnuts. If you don’t mind, can you please tell me which part of the Moonlight Grove are you currently stuck in? If you can give me a screenshot for reference, it would be totally helpful!

As always, if you need assistance with any other issues, please feel free to contact our Support team and we’ll see what we can do.

same… I’ve also stopped buying real money stuff because there’s no point. I’ve submitted 4 tickets all that say we are working on it.

Those that can get to the new area I’m happy for you… Ive said it before unless you can progress its a boring slow moving time management game that, while cute graphics, is no fun to play anymore.

I am on the cusp of deleting…. I mean just put some hazelnuts in the shop. Heck Ill pay for some to at least start the new area.

I am beyond frustrated.


Exactly how I feel! Send the hazelnuts in an add flower, SOMETHING!


Give us the option to farm hazelnuts! Someone posted earlier that they had that option but myself and someone else checked and we don’t have that option yet. Please make it so that we all have the ability to farm hazelnuts!


Its the same problem everyone else is having. I dont have hazelnuts to give Esmeralda a hazelnut vitality shake.

I’m almost certain there are hundreds of others at this very point and dealing with the same issue.

And while i have your attention.
My other quests that ive most certainly cleared and completed are still showing as incomplete.

Can we get some problems solved???