Game issues

This is unfortunate…. This game has become unbearable. I did the update, still stuck at roasted ranch and now I can barely play without getting this notification. If anyone is having this issue…… let me guess, they are aware and looking into it🙄

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Also with me. This is so annoying. This is a good game but have some many bugs that i am almost giving up of wating and deleting the app.

Yup that’s exactly where I am at. I really love this game so I’m trying not to give up but it’s almost like it’s getting worse! I did decide to put in a ticket… we’ll see what happens.

I had that issue, but it somehow resolved itself and I’m able to get in again. Sad part is there’s a glitch causing me to be stuck in Moonlight Grove. I’ve cleared everything and fed everyone. If I can remove the rock, I can clear the last of Moonlight Grove and be done. Sad that no food truck came with it. Yes, dishes, but no truck.

I’m hooked on this game, so I’m going to stick around as long as I can. I’m going to gather enough candy and pop bottle tops to upgrade everything to the max levels. I’ll collect enough plants to make all orchards and clear my fields.

I’m really frustrated, though because I always though the first rule of design and development was that you made sure the product worked before you put it out there. Back in the day, glitches and bugs were rare and when they popped up, they were quickly resolved.

These days, bugs and glitches are so common. I wonder are today’s game developers are less skilled or less caring about their products. Of course, back then, free games like this didn’t exist. Still, when these free games first came out, there were few bugs/glitches and they were resolved in hours or a couple of days, not weeks and months.

I used to shrug it off by saying, it’s a free game, you get what you pay for. But, with the advent of in-game purchasing, that changed everything. People started paying for stuff, probably paying many times what the game is worth. Personally, I prefer to outright pay for a game and have none of these in-game purchase options. That levels the playing field for everyone.

I suspect that since this glitch/bug thing seems to be industry wide, that this is a business plan, especially since companies make millions off of the in-game purchases. They know these games are fun, relaxing and addicting and that enough people will spend money and be loyal, so they don’t have to care. I guess these days, a reputation for a great product and good, fast service and resolution of issues is meaningless.

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No solutions. Just thanked.

Its unbearable.

I’m beginning to get on only like once a day. Just to check if I’m able to progress. Which is always NO.
I harvest put things cooking and leave the game. Too many hopps to jump through… practically begging to play this game by reaching out to aupport and nothing. They’re working on it or they’re aware… if anything they should STOP ADDING to the game and making NEW events when the game functions poorly. Fix our problems then we’ll be delightful to partake in a new event.

Rolls eyes. :roll_eyes:


I agree… it’s getting old and I’m spending less time on it. It’s unfortunate. There have been so many complaints and so many issues, you’d think they’d make sure they’re more on top of it.

That guy responded verbatim to me! Wonder if he’s a bot? Would not be surprised!

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