HELP Super Candy

Is there any way to earn super candy pieces faster? I think it’s going to take forever to get the pieces so I can upgrade the trucks to move forward in moonlight grove…

Any suggestions on how to get more pieces?
There isn’t even an option to purchase them with gems or real money.

Need more SUPER CANDY!!!


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Also, I’ve fully upgraded everything with the hammers. I have an abundance of them and no use. Is there any purpose or use of them in different areas of the game?

Oh how it would AMAZING if I got candies as frequently instead of the hammers.

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Candy is super slow. I try to get the first happy hour chest every chance I can for one candy. I also collect keys for rare prizes so I can make the bonus treats and get more candies. The second chest award when on a team gives you two keys plus you get one key daily from the order chest. Likely you do all of that already. Occasionally a special candy pack pops up that you can buy. But still getting candy is very slow.

As for hammers, I have lots of those too. There’s a few spots available for more trucks so maybe they’ll be needed soon?

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I know it’s a nightmare. I’m on level 403 and only ever got one super candy so only ever done one truck upgrade so the games
Getting slow. I also wok for the chests do events etc and still no where even near my second chest .

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Same. Im level 1068 and only 1 food truck upgraded only once. Now that moonlight requires the trucks to be upgraded I’m stuck without any possibility of progressing. I get all the daily reqards. I do the event specials and still not enough to upgrade.

I’ve definitely been using the trick of making signature dishes for the candy. It’s a lot easier to get pop bottle caps to upgrade areas of the park, but I have cases of extra blue pops and nothing to upgrade. I wish we could upgrade the stuff on the islands, like the drink stand on the Jeweled Beach, the animal feeder on the Roasted Ranch or even that cauldron in Moonlight Grove. I actually make food, drinks and other items from those, and it would make sense to upgrade them. I have hundreds of hammers. It would be useful and practical to exchange items for others, like the Trading Station.

But that super candy thing is blowing my mind! Truth be told, I’ve gotten enough of them to upgrade all of my trucks to level 2, except my Chocolate truck is at level 3, which is the max. I’m thinking also, that there may be other food trucks added. I hope so. All the more reason to give us more candies as rewards.

Yes! A trading station!
Also, i wish they’d add the ability to send a daily gift to like 5 people on your team. Especially peices of candy.

I get all the trunks as much as possible and anything extra as well. Its still so slow and now that leaves me at a stand still in moonlight cauae my trucks aren’t upgraded and I need the 3rd peice for the chauldron. :face_exhaling:

With only 2 plots to plant and what they produce causes longer wait times and longer periods players such as myself don’t need to login until that growth finishes. 2 to 3 hours should be max on any growing times.
I also wish we had a market and a trading post. We allowing us to sell our ingredients and dishes also! And allow us a sliding scale for each individual item so if we need them gone we can price them low and if they’re something that is valuable or timely then able to price higher.

What are the hammers good for now? I’ve upgraded everything possible and just have tons of hammers. Actually, it would be AMAZING if cabdy peices were given as frequently as those hammers. I also have tons of wood in my storage and havent needed any for quite some time.

I’m unagle to get much game time on this now because at this rate I’ll never upgrade.

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