How about the ability to grow hazelnuts?

Follow my thought process… if we had the ability to grow hazelnuts, it would be a bandaid for the “glitch” of not having the resources to move forward in moonlight grove.

I enjoy the game but have hit this stalemate. Its frustrating to say the least.

Is this too far out of left field?

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Heck, I’d even be willing to buy a couple of hazelnuts in one of those small packs they offer, to at least allow me to move forward.

Me tooooo. I hate the fact I can’t do anything in the new area.

Very frustrating I hate being stuck

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I thought at first, things were fixed because I didn’t see the open chest on the icon, but when I checked, nothing had changed, then, the glitch returned. Really hope they fix it soon!

Meanwhile, having fun on the Isle of Kythos!