It's Time For the Sweet Retreat!

A Delicious Getaway!

We’ve come across a candy wonderland owned by none other than the Duchess of Sandwich, that’s in need of a bit of repair. Ted’s done a lot to help us repair things around the food truck park, so surely he’ll be able to work his magic using sugar and sweets.

When Does the Adventure Begin?

The Sweet Retreat Adventure will start on Friday July 1st @ 10:00am PDT and end on Tuesday July 5th @ 10:00am PDT.

The prep phase for the Adventure begins on Thursday June 30th @ 10:00am PDT and will end on Friday July 1st @ 10:00am PDT.

How This Adventure Works

During this Adventure you’ll have a special Adventure-specific type of energy that you’ll be using to pick bushes Confectioners Sugar and Berries.

*Please note that it is a different color from normal energy.
*Be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to buy Adventure Energy in the Market

Collect Confectioners Sugar and Berries to create delicious Dishes

Help repair buildings to ramp up the production of delicious treats!

Merge together the Adventure Balloon Bottles to create Adventure Balloon Carts.

Adventure Balloon Carts are the best way to get Adventure Balloons, which are used to earn rewards in the Adventure.

Adventure Balloon Carts give Adventure Balloons to you regularly throughout the Adventure so be sure to check back every so often to harvest them!

Adventure Balloons can also be found scattered around the Adventure area.

Mysterio, the Ticketmaster, has found his way to Sweet Retreat. You can find Adventure Tickets around the Sweet Retreat to trade with Mysterio to get prizes.

Prizes received for each Adventure Ticket are random but can include prizes ranging from Bottle Caps to Super Candy.

Rewards and Progression

It’s time to see what these factories could do once they’re up and running again. Repair the different factories to make different types of treats. As you progress in the Adventure you’ll also receive lots of rewards that can range from ingredients to Super Candy and portraits!

If you need information on how to unlock clouded areas, you can always tap on the stars above them to find out!

Be sure to also keep an eye out for Adventure Tickets as well to get lots of chances at rewards from Mysterio!

Discuss the Event Below!

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As much as I love these little extra adventures I don’t find it fair that the only energy you can buy costs so much or have to use diamonds. I’ve never been able to complete one.


I love these little “side quests” I just hate how it seems to take foreeeever for the energy to refill…


Did anyone spend 750 of their gems for that first blue cloud area? Too rich for me but curious how it went for others. Looks like it might be necessary to finish the balloon cart quest?


Sure didn’t! I agree with ya!!

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I did, since I had extra gems. Lots of good stuff and I was able to complete. Gonna be honest, I go for the little cars that make the balloons and merge because that’s how you get the points and the prizes. Even completing dish orders gets you the little beakers, which merge into cars, then stands.

I’ve gotten all the prizes, so I don’t know if it’s worth it to continue.

when is the next adventure?