Dev Team - do you even PLAY this game? I’ve given up trying to get a resolution for why I still cannot “rescue Farmer Dave from Jewel Beach” (i’m currently playing Snowtown). I really could use Dave’s areas on my home island for storage,
But the latest update with all these pop parachutes every time a merge is done is a deal breaker. The player’s overhead hover view is challenging enough without a new additional step to drag a chute out of the way! I’ve already spent over $100 in this game so this just looks like greed to me. But hey, if people are clicking them and your getting video rev, then go for it, but im likely leaving.


Agreed, the lag its added to an allready laggy as all hell game alone is frustrating and I dont believe the programers play the game…when you have 8 or 9 of those parachutes…oh nellie let the lag out…


I agree as well…. It’s too many too often. And too expensive… a couple diamonds sure, but 50? Hard pass.


The lag is insane right now - as soon as a parachute is created the whole game slows? Once you have 2 or 3 and the game is immediately unplayable. I have to close it down and wait out the 10-20mins for the parachutes to despawn.

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I’ve said it elsewhere, this needs to be addressed, and yes, 50 gems?!? Too much!

People are going to wind up accidentally spending gems - or maybe that’s the plan.