Lettuce Seeds/Plants?

I know we can get seeds and plants from the farm plots now, anyone know which one produces lettuce seeds? If any? I think I’ve tried them all and none of produced lettuce seeds. Not looking for the lettuce resource but the actual plant.

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The eggplant has tomatoes and lettuce, but no seeds. It produces tomato seeds. You can get the tiny lettuce, which merges into what looks like an elongated lettuce, which merges into a head of lettuce, which you can collect.

There’s two eggplants - the eggplant/tomato/lettuce combo, which is primarily eggplant, but has lettuce and tomato, and the eggplant/watermelon combo, which is primarily watermelon. In the farm list, the eggplant/lettuce/tomato combo shows up first.

I was wondering the same thing about the cacao seeds.

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There’s no option for cacao seeds yet. I won seeds and trees from the last event. Not sure how they expect us to grow our cacao orchard if we don’t have seeds and plants to merge.

I guess we will just have to wait on cacao and lettuce seeds. That’s annoying.

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thats so weird. I started this game about a month ago. And I have my full Cacoa orchard. I think they fixed glitches as the game has gone on