Miriam's Hidden Garden Official Discussion Thread

Discuss the new event here! If you haven’t read the notes you can find them here!

Once again, releasing new events without fixing real problems. Im one step away from leaving this game. Please fix quest completion so people can progress and answer these posts to let us know you are listening!! Devs dont respond. Mods dont respond. Its really sad

The auto merge is soooo coool!!! <3

Agree 100%!!! I’ve reached out to customer support 3 times about the same issues, and all I get is, we’re looking into it. I’ve seen so many people complaining about the same bugs, yet instead of fixing them, they create new events and update graphics. Meanwhile, I’ve spent a ton of money on a game that I can’t even move forward in. Absolutely ZERO concern or respect for their customers.

Ugh same problem here…I’ve reached out to support so many times…I really wish they fixed this game already…I was so excited to play this new area but can’t get into the game now…