More rare ingredients!

I wish we had more variety of rare ingredients. They come in handy in the cook offs and signature dishes.

so I thought about restartinf the game for fun cuz there are a few thinga I wish I had done differently. But I started a new one on my tablet, and to my surprise in Lava Peaks I acquired marshmallow, where in my other game I didn’t…took me quite a while to make a signature dish. Just a thought…anyone else have this?
Could also be they have updated the game and changes each time?

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Hmmm. You just gave me an idea. I wonder if I can play on my computer, totally new, starting over. I’d like to see if there are any differences.

let me know if you are able to play on computer.

I couldn’t download it on my computer. Guess it’s an Apple thing and I have a pc.