New Adventure Announcement - Isle of Kythos!

Explore the Beautiful Island of Kythos!

Welcome to the Isle of Kythos, an island with delicious food, beautiful scenery, and goats! Lots of goats!

There’s a lot to eat and see but there’s a few things they’ll need help with fixing up before we can really taste the local flavors. The kitchen and orchard are in need of repair before the local chefs can introduce us to all the specialty dishes with the local ingredients.

Let’s help them out and get a true taste of what Kythos has to offer!

The prep phase will start at 5/19 Thurs @ 11:00am PDT and end on 5/20 Fri @ 11:00am PDT.

The Adventure will start on 5/20 Fri @ 11:00am PDT and end on 5/23 Mon @ 11:00am PDT.

All Chefs must be Level 15 to visit the Isle of Kythos!

How the Adventure Works

Kythos is a densely packed island getaway with something new in every corner. Here’s some information that’ll help you with navigating your way through the Isle of Kythos!

Adventure Energy can be used to pick ingredients and reveal clouded areas!

*Please note that it is a different color from normal energy.

*Be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to buy Adventure Energy in the Market

Progress through the Adventure and unlock prizes by finding and merging different Adventure Point Balloons. You can find these scattered throughout the island.

*The pink balloon can be collected immediately whereas the blue and green balloons will need to be merged to collect

Find and merge Olives to help make dishes for the people on the island.

Repair the Outdoor Kitchen and learn more recipes to make!

You’ll find a new trader on the island that’ll give amazing prizes in exchange for Adventure Tickets! Prizes received for each Adventure Ticket are random but can include prizes ranging from Bottle Caps to Super Candy.

You can find Adventure Tickets around the Isle of Kythos, as rewards from the Adventure quests, and as progression prizes from Adventure Balloons.

Help fix the Orchard and get access to the next ingredient Pomegranates!

Later you’ll meet someone in need of help with locating some lost goats. Give them a hand to earn prizes and rewards!

Rewards and Progression

There are lots of rewards to be earned from collecting the Adventure Balloons. You’ll find those scattered around the island and as quest rewards. Fix the Outdoor Kitchen and Orchard to progress! There are many kinds of prizes you can earn ranging from ingredients to hammers, gems, and new portraits!

Don’t forget to feed your customers! They’ll help with unlocking parts of the Adventure for you as well.

If you need information on how to unlock an area just tap on the stars and it will give you information on the requirements. We hope this will help you with better understanding how to play the Adventure!

Discuss This Delicious Adventure With Other Players!

Discuss the new Adventure below!

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Hmmm. I’ve cleared all of the olive/wheat plots. I have plenty of olives but no more wheat, which means no more flour, which means I cannot complete tasks and serve folks.

I have plenty of pomegranate patches, so I can get around things by serving them. Hopefully, I’ll find some wheat in the unexplored clouds.

I am progressing well, though.

I did find some more olives/wheat, but there’s someone who wants all 50 olives I have left. I’m not giving it to him until I finish serving everyone.

Ok, all olive/wheat plots are gone; I’ve discovered all of the island. Also, they don’t give enough energy to really do anything unless you buy, or you have tons of gems to convert. Still it’s fun, and I’ve gotten far.

I feel there isnt enough time to attempt to complete the adventure. Spend more time waiting for one single item to finish cooking. Makes it nearly impossible to complete this adventure. Wish the cook times were shorter and/or make it possible for us to have more than one place to cook. The amount of energy is a joke. I dont like thr dact we can only buy energy with gems not coins. Or if it is woth coins you get like 15 energy.

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I agree. I wound up giving up because there’s not enough energy to harvest all those pomegranates to complete the quest for 16 bunches of pomegranates. I wish we could buy energy with coins, too, and I wish the adventures lasted longer. 3 days is not enough.

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I truly appreciate you sharing your experience in the current Isle of Kythos event! We’ll take note of your feedback and we’ll see what could be taken into consideration. :star2:


I did manage to win all the prizes, which was my goal!

I also wanted to thank y’all for allowing us to use our flour from the home farm on the Isle of Kythos. At first, we weren’t able to do this. It helped, and I was able to feed more customers, get more nail materials, and collect more balloons and win all of the prizes.