New Orchard Area is great! But

A new orchard area appeared this morning! I love it and spent a happy time merging my previously unmergeable bushes and trees into the Orchard, which has freed up space for item merges. Thank you!!

However, I’ve completed the available explorationsites (up to Moonlight Grove), and there are few or no opportunities to get more bushes and trees, especially in areas I’ve completely cleared (up to Mint Mountain).

This means I also have many random low-rank producing plants and non-producing seedlings that I don’t have enough of to merge up into the orchard.

Will we be given the option to earn or buy seedlings in the future so we can add to our orchards and/or level up? Or maybe swap with other players?


A number of us have asked the question; at least, I know I have. It would be cool to have that option or at the very least, have the option to delete. It makes no sense to be able to delete valuable stuff, yet, have no option to delete useless items.

Another thought would be to sell various seeds and seedlings in the shop. We could buy them for coins. Or repopulate the various areas with seeds sometimes, so we can grow and merge.


Wait! I just harvested a wheat-berry patch from my garden, and berry pots popped out! I’m going to test the rest!!


Thanks for sharing your insights!

I’d like to inform all chefs that our team is working on the release for iOS, and we’re excited to have the new features available for everyone. :tada:

As always, please feel free to reach out to our Support if you have any other questions or clarifications. :blush:

Thanks for your patience!

Can anyone tell me if their orchards produce less than did before merging to an orchard? I totally regret merging mint, chilis and lemons to an orchard. I’m wondering if I’m caught up in a glitch.

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They do seem to produce fewer items at a time, but the harvest time is accelerated.

For example, I may get only, say, a harvest of three usable mint at a time, but I’m getting several more harvests in an hour.

Also, as I add plants to the orchard, the more items per harvest I’m getting, I think?


Im only at level 124, but my orchard area is working. But it’s still clouded over. Does it open when you put the berries or apples Orchard?