New Update 2.31 Release Notes!

Update 2.30 of Adventure Chef is now live! Detailed below is what you’ll find in the update.


  • New Adventures feature added, which are limited-timed romps to far away places with new food and activities!
    • Look out for the first Adventure: “Ren Faire” on the weekend of Jan 22nd!
    • More details to come soon!
    • Be sure to download the update 2.30 to get access to the Adventure
  • Added leaderboards for Creative Cooking–see how you stack up as a chef!
  • Added localization support for 8 additional languages!
    • 繁體中文 - Chinese (Traditional)
    • Français - French
    • Deutsch - German
    • Italiano - Italian
    • 日本語 - Japanese
    • 한국어 - Korean
    • Português(BR) - Portuguese (Brazilian)
    • Español - Spanish
  • Added additional tutorial for farm plot as we found players being stuck unable to progress without green onions that could be grown there

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few crashes that was seen to occur on iOS devices
  • Added ability for items to be swapped to fix an issue where items can’t be merged when the farm is full

Expedition Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the [Spicy Dyn-O-Mite] quest where progress could be blocked by the dialogue
  • Fixed an issue with Explorers Club chest that prevented it from being able to load/open
  • Fixed an issue with the Jam Station that prevented it from being able to be repaired
  • Fixed some progression issues in the Expeditions: [Duchy of Sandwich], [Mint Mountain], and [Lava Peaks]

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Drive on over here to discuss the notes!