Anybody know how to open this? It says not enough to space to merge. Tried deleting loads and still not able to open it


Hey welcome to the forum… that’s a new one for me. Have you opened a support ticket? I’m curious as to what that is!

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It’s a trophy or bottle cap or rare item that didn’t fit when when you were serving items to people. It should open, however, I have some event chests that give the same error of no room stuck in moonlight. But it’s the first level event chests which wasn’t a big enough deal so I didn’t ask support about it. I have 30 useless (for now) hammers, so don’t really need the chests.

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Opened a support ticket and they said I don’t have enough room to open it and to delete items but I can’t delete anything else. Pretty annoying

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For me, I got that box from the Isle of Kythos. I get that same message, but don’t want to delete stuff I need and find that the box still won’t open.

did you purchase that extra piece of land to the right?