Quest bugs

Here are some quest bugs I found:

Quest that has been completed

I have already opened this chest.

Here’s a quest that cannot be completed because the area doesn’t exist.

This quest can be completed if we get some hazelnuts

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This is one I can’t complete.


Same. I’ve submitted a ticket.

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I have the same issues and have submitted a ticket

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How did you move to Duchy? I’ve been on Ruby for weeks now. Where can I find the truck plow to move to the next area?

I have so many quests that have been completed that are not recognized by the game. I think it has to do with once you complete the one task you have to immediately press go to acknowledge the task. If you do more than one action - ie. Finish serving a customer before clicking the go button. The task becomes lost in some quest abyss.
These are my current unrecognized completions. I am unsure if the pics are uploading - it will not allow me to upload the pics either. It states only 1 pic.

  1. Lost in the Swamp - Pineapple sherbet
  2. Soul Searching - Completing the watch
  3. A Distant Relation - Serving the collard greens
  4. River Crossing - Fixing the bridge
  5. Sandwich Artistry - The head of lettuce

So I am quite stuck in Duchy town.

Also you cannot complete the task without it being asked. Then it also stays in the queue. Good Luck everyone!! Hope they fix it soon!

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Am i missing something? There’s nothing else to do here.