Ramen Restock

I have made all the green onions in that area, cleared everything out and can’t finish this quest. I even grew more onions in my plots to see if that works work, it didn’t. I can’t do anything in this area.

Thanks for making threads about these issues you’re seeing! This one isn’t on our radar till now, and a bit more info would be really helpful. Can you share a screenshot of what this area looks like for you? And do you currently have the Ramen Truck?

As for your other quest issue with “The Ruined Gate” we have a fix in mind that will clear up those stuck quests for things you’re already done, but that fix will be sometime in the future. It involves changing a lot of quests at once and we want to be careful to not make anything worse by accident.

This is what it looks like for me after clearing out of the onion patches. I can’t complete the quest to unlock the ramen truck. It says I need what looks like a wrench but not how to get one. I never got one from any of the onion patches, there was also no boxes to get it from

Got it, thank you. Not sure how you got into this state, and I’d like to figure that out to prevent this from happening to other players, so we’ll look into this more.

In the meantime though in the update we’re working on now we’re adding something that will help you get unblocked. Basically you’ll be able to spend coins to get a special medal in the marketplace which will help you get to that “Helper” status and be able to deal with those heaps of trash, under which are the wrench you need for the Ramen Truck.

In sum we’ll need your patience for a few more weeks on this as we work on the next update but we will be providing a way for you to move forward in this area, if everything goes to plan! I’m sorry you ran into this as well.