Re-growing of ingredients in towns

More than 2 plots to grow and harvest from.

Allow us to regrow/repleant ingredients in the specific town it initially grows from after fully clearing that town.

All us to move items to the towns we got them from. To save space in our home farm.

Allow us to build or give new reasons to visit the towns we previously have cleared.

Anything really to allow us more things to do. I feel like i can only play this game once every few hours for like 10 minutes then


I think that having areas “regrow” is a fantastic idea! Once you clear everything from an area, there’s no need to go back. Especially wheat… I can’t keep enough to save my life! And don’t get me started on hazelnuts :slight_smile:


So I hav eso many plots left of trees as well as still trying to get Apple orchard, tomatoes, potatoes and most recently eggplant and lettuce. I end up using a lot of my energy for wheat though. What does everyone recommend?

Also, I put a ticket in recently for having an extreme cocoa jar missing. and than the 2nd one went missing. They credited me 500 gems. Just any fyi

I’m trying to figure out what orchard plots we get. I am about to get tomato and potato orchards. I have everything else except cacao, which I suspect will be the final orchard. I have apple, berry, mint, lemon, pepper, glimmer mushroom, coconut, peach and cabbage.

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Hi Anita. Thats so odd, Cacao was one of the first ones I got. But perhaps I started after you Nd there may have been glitches. I believe I found most in Mint mountain and in between. Coconut was pretty darn fast.
Did you buy those plots next door to your right? I saw you can get them for 6.99 or. 12.99 something like that

Back when I started playing, that plot sold for 300 gems. There were a couple of plots that sold for gems.

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ah ok, I guess things change as you progress. Or the game progresses. I am pretty sure you can only buy now