Ren Faire Adventure Announcement!

It’s time for the Ren Faire at the Bayou!

Grab your favorite stein and berry picking basket, we’ve got some food and drink to serve! The Ren Faire is here and it’s the first of many limited-time events called “Adventures” we’ll be introducing to the game.

The Ren Faire Adventure will run from January 22nd @ 10am PST to January 25th @ 10am PST, so be sure to get your fill before it goes away!

The Prep phase of the Adventure will be from January 21st @ 10am PST to January 22nd @ 10am PST.

Chefs must be Level 15 to attend the Ren Faire Adventure.

Here’s how the Adventure works

The Ren Faire has started, and it’s woefully unorganized. Guests are arriving and none of the cooking stations have been set up!

It’s your job to step in as a master chef-adventurer and help turn this fair around!

During this Adventure you’ll have a special Adventure-specific type of energy that you’ll be using to pick Hawthorn Berries and Lavender.

Adventure Energy can be used to pick Hawthorne Berries and Lavender.

*Please note that it is a different color from normal energy.
*Be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to buy Adventure Energy in the Market

Collect Hawthorn Berries and Lavender to craft Adventure recipes and souvenirs for your guests.

User The Roaring Bonfire, The Alchemy Table, and The Forge to whip up some special Ren Faire recipes for our attendees.

Finally, every festival has to have a centerpiece that captures our guests’ attention. Repair The Lost Throne that stands atop the Ren Faire!

What should you aim for in the event?

Repair the cooking and crafting stations and serve food to the attendees at the Ren Faire. You will be able to unlock clouded areas as you feed your guests. One thing to keep in mind as you unlock these clouds is the number of stars on each clouded area.

Be sure to click on each clouded area to see the requirements to unlock them!

Help restore the Ren Faire and earn amazing rewards such as Gems, Mega Hammers, Super Candy and many more!

Drive on over here to discuss the Adventure!