Ren Faire Adventure Discussion Thread

Discuss the event announcement below!

If you haven’t seen the announce, drive on over here to check it out.

I can no longer go in the ren faire adventure.
I played this afternoon but now, the button on the upper left disappeared and there is a forbidden sign on the map stand…

Oh, sorry to hear that, and we’ll look into it! Any further information you can give, like what you were doing in the game before you came back and found the event gone would be very helpful as well.

I can’t remember, I was playing the game, the ren faire adventure and then the “normal” game. I was cooking in the ren faire and then I was out of carrots, I went back on “home” to use the farm plots…
then I close the game as usual.
Later I tried to play again with 4G but cannot run the game, no load data.
After this, I clean the app cache in the settings of the phone.
After a few minutes, I could use Wifi and run the game but no more ren faire event ! I can see the stand with the plane in “home” but there’s a forbidden sign on it and nothing is happening when I click on it.
Thanks for trying to help :pray:t2:
This event looks very fun

I tried to uninstall app and restore it but it’s the same :disappointed_relieved:

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Got it, thank you for the details! We may not be able to run down what went wrong for you here before the Adventure ends I’m sad to say, but either way this will help a lot to help us fix this for future ones. Let us know if anything other related odd things occur as well, and apologies that this happened. Our game is still pretty new, and this is our very first Adventure we’re doing, so there’s a lot to improve on and we really appreciate the patience of our players!

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