Some ideas…

I really enjoy this game and have some ideas.

We could use a list of characters and have a way to call upon them for trades, etc. Each area can have a list of its denizens to trade with. I’m looking for Sir Bernice to make a trade with her but I can’t find her. If there were a side list of folks in each area, you wouldn’t have to go searching for someone.

Add more areas. Unless the plan is to keep us stuck in Snowtown. :slight_smile: Some of us are going to run out of places real soon!

Figure out how we can use or delete something.

Also, have more ways to make or harvest stuff. Haven’t found a way to farm peppers yet.

Give us more ways to get candy without spending spending gems or money, otherwise, we can’t upgrade our trucks. Maybe contests where we win these items, or special quests.

Give us more ways to get the rare items baskets so we can make to enter in the contests and make signature dishes. Maybe contests where we win these, or special quests.

Have a special prize, or unlock a new achievement or character when we reach certain levels, like 100, 200, 300, etc, and when we reach level 1,000, a really special thing!

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I have to admit that your ideas sound interesting! I’ll make sure to relay your suggestions to the team and we’ll see what we can do. Please keep us posted on any other feedback and suggestions you have as this would be a huge help to us :blush:

I’ve made it to Lemon Island and am almost finished there. What next?

I did notice that there’s a quest involving the fire pit, but that task is unavailable. Try as I might, I cannot find the area.

Now that I’m pretty much finished discovering everything, upgrading my trucks and becoming a more experienced chef is very important.

There definitely has to be ways we can come by candy without spending real money or gems so that we can upgrade.

I like the idea of the food contests, but the highest score I can get, using 3 star rare items is between 300-400, and after a while, I’m not earning much.

Maybe having more, higher level, rare items can address this. It can also help with signature dishes, to get better food prizes.

I’m also thinking that there could be new quests in old lands, like Appleton, the Beach, the Lava area and Mint Mountain.

Hmmm, also, why not have meat or fish dishes? Or a Cheese truck, or a Hummus truck?

Again, a gift of a few gems each day, without having to spend real money would be good.

I hope y’all look at these and see which are feasible. This game is so enjoyable. I love playing it!