Stuck Forever?

About midway into this last event, I was unable to go back to my home. Now that the event is over, I still am unable to go to my home. I am stuck in limbo and can’t even contact support in game because it stays stuck at “Traveling to area VROOM!!!” Tried uninstalling game, clearing cache, all the usual things. Not sure what to do now. Anyone have any advice?


I’m following because I have never heard of this. Usually if something goes wrong, I try getting out, powering down my phone, and see what happens before I uninstall the game. I’m afraid I’ll lose everything and have to start over.

The only thing I can think of, other than posting here is to go to the ratings in the game app in your phone’s App Store and leave a message in the reviews. Sometimes the devs visit there.

Chances are, a staffer here will see it and respond.

Hi, I’m exactly the same. Been like this for about 6 weeks now. I’ve raised a helpdesk case and they say they’re looking at it but there is no indication of how long


Ive been stuck and unable to travel home since December. I keep contacting support, they apologize and say it’s a known issue then suggest I come here to see what is suggested. Ugh…

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I am kinda mad with you on this… 5 months is unacceptable.

As silly as it sounds, have you uninstalled and reinstalled? Maybe on a different device?

I haven’t been stuck as long as some of the others, obviously. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but not on a different device.

Updated the game to ight and had high hopes, still stuck :sob::sob::sob:.

I wanted to follow up on this post and announce that, yesterday, I was able to get myself unstuck!! As a reminder, my issue was that I could not even log in to the game fully as the loading screen would never advance past “Traveling to area VROOM!!!”

Yesterday, I happened to try again and happened to have the sound on for media (not usual). What I heard was what sounded more like the already loaded music. So I randomly started touching around my screen and I started hearing the game action sounds. I randomly did this for a while without any real results.

I went online and used an online video for reference of where travel and location buttons were. I am pretty sure I heard some travel sounds when messing around but no change in visual. I got frustrating and just started tapping and swiping on my screen for about 10 minutes until a popup came up that said to reload game to reload player data. I did so and bam, back in action!! lol.


I am also stuck and and am dealing with the support team right now…I posted about it under the latest game version update topic, since that is when my issue started.
They are aware of it, but like the other players responses I have just read, they were unable to give me an approximation of how long it might take to resolve this issue! :pleading_face: :face_holding_back_tears:

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