Stuck in snowtown

I cleared all snowpile but my quest isn’t completed. Now it prevents me from upgrading to cheered status

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This has happened to me as well!
I’ve contacted them, and it’s a known issue.

I’m stuck too! There’s the Knight from Duchy who wants a trade, but I can’t find her in Duchy, but she wants a trade in Snowtown. I’ve harvested everything in Snowtown, near the trucks, but there’s nowhere to go or anything to do. I hope this changes soon!

Same here. They say i have to download the new app, but my progress is lost, that the app i om playing in is beta.

Did you finish giving the other town people things they were asking for? I had to go back to different places and give them a sandwich or a coffee and then it will open it up. Hope that helps.

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I learned that you have to destroy the trees by the snowman. Once you do that you will get the final tasks to get off the town. It ends with making him an ice hat. Hope that helps! Let me know!

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I just completed Snowtown. I have the Ramen Truck, fed everyone, and blasted the snow barriers.

I wasn’t given any dialogue during this site, and no Quests appeared on my list.

Nothing is happening. Am i missing something?

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