Team leader with zero serves for weeks

In my team we had 30 for a long time, now 29. Every week it seems like an extra teammate serves no dishes. This week we have 18 with zero dishes served. Our team leader has served zero dishes for several weeks now. It would be nice to have those that serve zero dishes automatically removed after so many weeks. I’ve played games where the team leader can kick off those that don’t play. Does this game let you do that? If so, maybe I’ll have to make my own team.

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I formed a team, and that’s what I do. I know dishes take a long time, so I’ll give them a couple of days, then, yeah, I kick them out.

I give a bit of a break because there’s lots of my team members who cook a whole lot more than I can. I imagine there’s lots of gem spending going on, but I’m not complaining.

Ok… so the team lead can kick people out. That cool… Too bad we can’t can’t kick our team leader out after not serving anything for several weeks. Somehow we still reach goal…. For now. Lol