Teams.. anyone know what the advantages are?

Has anyone joined a team… or created their own? What’s the advantage of doing so?

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Joined one didn’t hit goal so I left and joined another. You get chest of awards as a team by serving customers. Candy, stale soda, energy, coins. Cost nothing and so far worth it.

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Oh, and gold keys. Two of ‘em.

I wonder if it’s better to create your own team?

I tell you what… I’m not joining a team at this point. I don’t see a group chat or anything and I’m hesitant to join a team before I see how active it is. I don’t want to keep flipping teams nor do I want to join one that isn’t active.

So today I had 5 teams to choose from and the most any of them had was 4. I refreshed thinking I would get more options and still the same.

Seems kind of…lame?

Let me know if you do…I’ll join.

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I formed a club called Miss Anita’s Place. It’s about full, but you’d be very welcome!


I found your team and joined :blush:

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Welcome!!! We’re just cooking and serving, since we long ago passed 1,000 served.

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How do you search for a team? I don’t see an option

I dont think you can search. But if someone created a team I would join! Miss Anita I think I may have been on it for a bit…let me know if a space open’s up