The Ren Faire Returns!

Get your feasting armor ready, the Ren Faire is coming back to town!

Looks like we did such a good job last time that they’re asking us to give a hand again with the Ren Faire. We had so much fun helping out last time, how could we turn them down? Plus, I hear Mysterio’s going to be stopping by this time around with tons of stuff to give out!

Let’s get to planning!

When Does the Adventure Begin?

The Ren Fair Adventure will start on Friday June 17th @ 10:00am PDT and end on Monday June 20th @ 10:00am PDT.

The prep phase for the Adventure begins on Thursday June 16th @ 10:00am PDT and will end on Friday June 17th @ 11:00am PDT.

How This Adventure Works

During this Adventure you’ll have a special Adventure-specific type of energy that you’ll be using to pick Hawthorn Berries and Lavender.

Adventure Energy can be used to pick for Hawthorne Berries and Lavender.

*Please note that it is a different color from normal energy.

*Be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to buy Adventure Energy in the Market

Collect Hawthorn Berries and Lavender to craft Adventure recipes and souvenirs for your guests.

Craft delicious dishes to feed to all the guests to progress through the Adventure.

User The Roaring Bonfire, The Alchemy Table, and The Forge to whip up these special Ren Faire recipes for our attendees.

News of the previous Ren Faire has spread far and wide, catching the attention of Mysterio, the Adventure Trader. You can find Adventure Tickets around the Ren Faire to trade with Mysterio to get prizes. Prizes received for each Adventure Ticket are random but can include prizes ranging from Bottle Caps to Super Candy.

Finally, every festival has to have a centerpiece that captures our guests’ attention. Repair Blade of the Lost King that stands atop the Ren Faire!

Rewards and Progression

Roll up your sleeves and get to work on whipping up dishes for all of our guests. Feeding our guests will work towards progressing in the Adventure which will help to unlock new areas. As you progress in the Adventure you’ll also receive lots of rewards that can range from ingredients to Super Candy!

If you need information on how to unlock clouded areas, you can always tap on the stars above them to find out!

Be sure to also keep an eye out for Adventure Tickets as well to get lots of chances at rewards from Mysterio!

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I really, really appreciate the prizes in the Faire!

Thanks for incorporating so many trees and bushes!

This isn’t available for me to partake in. Why???
Also, how to I update the game to get the new version? It hasnt promted me to do anything nor has it done it on its own. The new version also solves my hazelnut problem accoding to the help ticket I sent in.

I’ve won all the prizes and have harvested all the crops. I haven’t filled anymore orders yet. I was wondering since I’ve won all of the prizes, does it make sense to go complete everything. Not like I’m going to get a big prize. Only thing I regret is that I won’t get anymore candy. I really need that to upgrade my trucks.

I won all the prizes and spent a bit on extra prize tickets, which scored me a high level energy coil.

But I didn’t clear everything or bother filling orders after. I didnt see the point?

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Still trying to fivurw out why i couldnt access this event. :unamused: missed out on all the prizes etc. Obviously having an issue with my account… bummed