Too many bugs for me

I am unfortunately having to stop playing a game that I have supported monetarily and spreading the good word about the game to others. I realize I am insignificant but I hope as more stop playing as I have done then more bugs will be addressed and less cash grabs made like the ingredient balloons that make a laggy game even laggier. I have a permanent chest that showed up last event and will not disappear. I made a topic and several others share the same bug. I no longer get rewards from group member chests as the game endlessly loads causing a reload of the game to continue playing with no reward given. Also, I was sporadically getting the pet chest roughly 2 out of every 3 chests in the baking contests. But now every pet chest I win in the baking contest now simply does not show up.
I have sent in several messages to the games administrators and gotten absolutely no answers,compensation, or belief anything will change.
Now I play wondering what bug will show up next to rob me of a reward or fight endless lag that this game causes.I would love to continue playing and supporting the game but its fruitless at this point. I haven’t decided if I will leave the game installed and check if anythings changed every few months or just forget it and not bother doing that. I realize I am but a speck of sand on a giant beach but I hope others realize they are not alone in their struggles in the game. Good fortune all…


Same sadly!! I posted on their Facebook page and got no response so when I looked for it again, it was deleted. Love the game but there are no fixes for all the issues. Hate to say goodbye but :wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3:

Love the game but it was the only game I played that had a problem with lag… That and not receiving rewards and the box that never leaves convinced me. I am sorry that others are going through what I did…