Version 2.31 Discussion Thread

Discuss the update notes below!

If you haven’t see it yet you can find the notes for the update here.

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Thanks for the update, really enjoying the game and was looking forward to this update.

My thoughts:


  • OMG thank you for fixing that weird unplaceable square in the top of the farm area.
  • LOVE the new Smaller crafting bubble
  • The new button layout is clean
  • I like that it’s easier to tell what I’ve selected in the craft menu

Weird but not deal breakers

  • Coins are now gold? It’s weird that it’s the same color as energy
  • I like the old farm stand model better, it looked more like a farm stand. Who puts a farm stand in a flat bed trailer?
  • Got this new travel agency model but nothing happens when I tap it
  • I think my farm plot model is broken. It doesn’t look like this on my husband’s game.


  • Hate the new cocoa beans model, it blends in with the Cocoa Pod model and they all look the same
  • Quests that are still broken
    ** There’s money in the drink stand
    ** Home’s A Home
    ** Professional Tracker
  • New Quests I got that are now broken
    ** Lost in a swamp
    ** Explore the beach

Was hoping for

  • Energy scaling? Really dislike getting to play for literally a minute when I check in during the day, unless I get lucky and happen to level up.
  • Can decorations actually do something? I bought a cactus once and never again cause it was literally useless. Also difficult to use the decoration mode, it’s hard to tell where I can decorate.

Again thank you for all your hard work!

Realized that the food timers seem much shorter! I’m still capped on energy to farm ingredients but its nice to be able to check in a little more frequently to see if i can make anything.

This is really awesome feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!