Version 2.60 Discussion Thread!

Discuss the latest update below. Head on over here if you haven’t read the update notes yet!

I like the updates–especially the team option, the trophy case, and the floating video angel (I am always running out of flour!)–though I will miss seeing Dora the Explorer among the customers!

I do have two questions:

  1. I’m stuck in Mint Mountain because the Igloo man and Snowman (though they both show up in my task list) did not show up to start the tasks in the Mountain site. I assume this is why the two mountain clay bricks I need cannot be found, even though I’ve cleared everthing.

If Merit Medallions are being issued for other sites, is the any way to get them for Mint Mountain or other glitch problems?

  1. If I join a team (I’m reluctant until I can offer more than Mint Mountain levels of play), would the other plauers and I be able to trade items? For instance, most players seem to have an extra clay blob from the volcano–would i be able to trade for these in order to build the mountain clay bricks I need? I was told the formula for the bricks had changed, but i still thought I’d ask.

I love the updates, but why is it some areas don’t give enough to complete a task. I’ve got plenty of mushrooms. I need more hazelnut.

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Same on not having enough hazelnut to actually progress on this new location. Dig this update but sad I can’t unlock the new area haha.

When I got stuck, I submitted a support ticket and they were actually pretty helpful in getting me moved forward.

As far as teams, as far as I can tell, you can’t do anything other than join a team. Not communicate or interact at all.

I just submitted another ticket!

I wonder if the teams will be interactive later? That’s the best part, usually…

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :blush:

When you can’t seem to progress on some tasks, you’ll normally have to continue playing until you meet the requirements. However, if you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Support here so we can take a closer look into the matter.

Do you have any thoughts or input on there not seeming to be enough hazelnut available in the first section of the new area to progress at all?

I’ll make sure to inform the team about your situation. For now, please try to update the game to the latest version, and let me know how it goes for you. :blush:

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So, this is fun lol. The cost decreased to 1 hazelnut so I would have had enough as I had 2. However, at the same time as the update, all the hazelnuts were removed from my inventory and are not at that site because I had already collected them haha. Could we maybe throw a couple in the store or add it as an option for the video fairy? The overall problem was solved but caused an additional minor problem that is preventing progression in the same exact way.


I’d pay for it if you threw it in as a daily special pack or piece it together bit by bit if you added it as an option for those customers with the gift above their heads.


I updated the game to the latest, but still no hazelnuts.

I do notice that it keeps telling me to open a chest that I’ve already opened. I can’t continue because with the quest of serving the smoothies because I have no hazelnuts.

Same problem here. I cant move forward or clear any fog until i somehow magically get enough hazelnut for the vitality shake for Esmeralda so she’ll get out of MY WAY! LOL


Was this fixed for you? The few hazels nuts I was able to harvest disappeared and there is still nothing to get… alas I am not able to make the shake.

Thank you guys for keeping us updated! Please know that the team is continuously looking into the progression issues in the Moonlight Grove, and we hope to have this resolved for everyone affected soon!

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This is a 22 day issue and I see no results. I, along with others, are not able to access the new area, the completed quests are still showing as need to finish even when entire area is empty… and I still see other players who have been stuck for MONTHS with various other issues.

Without new areas the game is repetitive… there is literally NOTHING TO DO aside from work your home farm and with just 2 plots, it’s become a boring, redundant time management game that has turned stale.

Do we have a time schedule on when the issue is going to be addressed and/or fixed?

Another update perhaps?


Since the latest update, I haven’t been able to even open the game! It keeps getting stuck on the loading screen and then directs me to email the support team. I am currently communicating with them, but so far no resolutions. Tbh…it is somewhat frustrating since I have used quite a bit of my own $$ as well. I have also tried reinstalling the app, restarting my device, cleared the cache…etc!!
I just hope that everything gets resolved quickly without losing any progress in my game! :pray:
Has anyone else had this issue since the last update?

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Just wanted to update my last post (in case anyone else is having similar issues).

I have just received another email from the support team, and I was told that they are aware of the issue, and are currently trying to resolve it…so I am obviously not alone.

I have to state though, that even with having some frustration over not being able to play my game… and possibly some withdrawals, (though I choose neither to confirm nor deny this :sweat_smile:) that the support team has been wonderful in responding quickly to my emails, and extremely cooperative by trying to give other options to help me get my game working, so I could start playing again ASAP!

It’s been a nice change working with a company that actually seems to really care about its customers!!

Unfortunately, we could not fix the problem…so now it is just a matter of playing the wait and see game instead of my Adventure Chef game… :sweat_smile:!

If anyone else is having the same issue or a similar one, I hope that this post may be helpful to someone in some small way.



Any hazelnut updates?

I truly apologize for the issues you’ve been experiencing, especially those that are related to the Hazelnuts and quest progressions. I’d like to inform you that we’re closely monitoring this matter and they’re on top of our priority list. I really appreciate your patience! :pray:

For now, please feel free to keep us in the loop in case you need assistance on any other issues.