Version 2.60 Release Notes!

Hello Chefs!

The new update 2.60 is live and contains a new Expedition, and a fix for players stuck in either Duchy of Sandwich, Snowtown, and Roasted Ranch.


  • Coming soon! The fifth Adventure - Isle of Kythos!
    • Stay tuned for updates on the Adventure as we get closer
  • New Expedition - Moonlight Grove - travel to a magical forest and meet some equally magical characters.
  • Big improvements to the early game experience including menu changes and a new story!
  • Added support for our Teams social feature
    • Stay tuned for more news!


  • Add your own flair with the new feature - Portraits and Player Names!
  • Added links to social pages in-game
    • Follow along to get the latest news and updates!

Bug Fixes

  • Stuck in the Duchy of Sandwich, Snowtown or Roasted Ranch? Pick up a Reputation Medal or two in the Market to keep exploring!

Drive on over to the discussion thread to discuss the new changes!

What is the farm house for and the mill???

I havent any use for it so far.

The mill allows you to make various kinds of flour - cocoa, coconut, wheat, corn and potato. The flour is used in recipes for the cook-offs.

The mill is also a way to use excess resources as opposed to throwing them away, I run my mill all day!

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Me too! I do the cook-offs, so I’m always running my mill and the jelly maker, too. Another way to use ingredients rather than throw away.

I’d like to see mint jelly and maybe a coconut marmalade … i seem to have a lot of those

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