What to do with unused seedlings?

I’ve noticed that when I revisit sites to harvest resourses, the seedlings (lettuce, peaches, potatoes, apples, etc) are eventually replaced by energy icons.

That’s okay–I like the energy–but now I’m stuck with a bunch of old, unmergeable, undeletable seedlings taking up room at my home base, since I can’t get new ones any more.

Is there a way to delete these, or trade them with other players? Is there any way to buy new ones? Maybe a Spring Planting Sale or something?


I’m wondering the same thing. It makes no sense to me that you can delete perfectly good , mature plants, but can’t get rid of useless, leftover seedings. Hopefully they’ll come up with a way we can get rid of, or use them.

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Hi, I also questioned that issue. I’m happy to say that you will get more seedlings and plant, that’ll be further in the game. :upside_down_face: Enjoy your day.

Yes, you can now get seedlings when you farm certain plants. They can merge into plants, then small trees, big trees, then, orchards. The output from the orchards is low at first, but as you merge more bushes and trees into the orchard, the output slowly increases.